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For my current employer, I’m setting up a podcast strategy. We are experimenting with podcasts to figure out what works for the target group. This is a new channel for us, so we have decided to look at the similarities between the channels YouTube and Soundcloud. Apart from the visual aspect, the setup is quite the same. This will able us to get a quick start.

Corporate identity

Part of the strategy is adding the corporate identity to the podcasts so that when you listen to the podcasts you’ll recognize the brand and to which story it belongs.


Since there are a lot of podcats (and other things) you can listen to, you need to do some advertising. At KVK, we have a huge network, so my first go to was my colleagues. With not only telling them about the podcast, but also sharing them an sample text, visual and a utm-coded link, the changes they are posting on social media or sending the podcast by mail is much higher. This helped us a lot with getting listeners.

To get a bigger reach, we have decided to add a social media campaign. Me and my social media specialist created a campaign on Facebook, LinkedIn en Twitter with a few different podcasts. We’ve set the campaign on CPC because we wanted to get people to listen to our podcasts.

With the limited amount of statistics on Soundcloud en Spotify, we did manage to optimize the campaign to get better results. We also saw an uplift in the numbers of listeners on the podcasts we promoted.

Web assecebility guidelines

As the KVK is a government organisation, we need to follow the guidelines per september 2020. Whenever we publish a podcast, we make sure we have the podcast transcripted. Assecible via de website.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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