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In the summer of 2019, our KVK Advisory Team campaign went live. An awareness campaign for the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KVK). We want to create awareness of Dutch-speaking entrepreneurs. Many Dutch entrepreneurs are not yet aware that the Chamber of Commerce can provide them with advice, free of charge and independently.

The brand awareness of KVK is great. If you ask a Dutch person if they know KVK, most people will say yes. When you ask them what they know about the Chamber of Commerce, the majority will answer ‘The trade register’. A very logical answer, because every entrepreneur has to register with the Chamber of Commerce. A second answer to this question is often The starters days events. The Chamber of Commerce organizes these events several times a year. It’s an event where you can obtain a lot of information about entrepreneurship).

Much less known is that entrepreneurs can ask for advice, any time of the year. Not to miss this advice is free and independent given. Reason enough to set up a campaign.

With some considerable struggles and a lot of puzzling, we found a telephone team willing to work from the Amsterdam office. We created a ‘war room’ where advisers are present and speak to entrepreneurs on the phone, via social media, and/or chat. The core team of the campaign (marketers, communication, social media, project leaders, coordinators) are also present.

In the preparations and during the 3 campaign weeks, we are busy recording videos, sound fragments, and preparing social media posts. We try out new tools including an innovative chat banner. A display banner on sites such as which functions as a chat. With this, we gave entrepreneurs the opportunity to enter into dialogue with advisors of the Chamber of Commerce. A very exciting experience. You do not know in advance how many messages you will receive, how many colleagues you will need available. Something that does not necessarily belong to the marketing profession, but it sure is essential to make it a success.

The campaign soon turned out to be a great success, the phone rings a lot more often than expected. The number of advisors on the phone is at the max. A successful campaign. At the end of the year we hear that our campaign will be submitted for a SAN Award.

At the beginning of 2020, they inform us that we have been nominated. Not much later the corona crisis starts. The entrepreneurs are in turmoil with the sudden lockdown. The government decides that KVK is the first line with regard to questions for entrepreneurs. Colleagues are groomed in a few days. The tactics during the Advisory Team campaign are applied. Colleagues are quickly passed on the new rules and everyone is involved where possible.

Later that year, the SAN Award ceremony finally takes place, our campaign wins the award in the Business-to-business category. A very nice compliment on the hard work we have done for this campaign. In addition to the results achieved.

The presentation of the SAN Awards can be viewed in Dutch at

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